Effective yet responsible incentive use requires strong data and analytics starting with prospect discussions and going through program evaluation. Register today for a free webinar series from Impact DataSource that takes on these topics and more within the economic development incentives process. 

November 10: Incentives 101 (with Smart Incentives)

This session will provide an overview of incentives as a process including:

  • identifying and evaluating possible incentive recipients
  • evaluating the deal
  • monitoring and reporting on performance

November 12: Impact Analysis

What are indirect and induced jobs, and how do I explain this to my board? This deep dive into economic and fiscal impact analysis will familiarize economic developers with common impact study terms and concepts while demonstrating an impact analysis tool built for economic developers. 

November 17: Track & Report on Economic Development Effectiveness

How does an economic development organization measure its effectiveness? Monitor. Collect. Analyze. Report. But what type of information should be tracked and how can this information be used to demonstrate the economic development organization’s effectiveness? Learn how to appropriately communicate these results to the media, constituents, and your board or community leaders.

I hope you will join us for one or all three in the series.