Talent is the top issue for expanding and relocating businesses. Worker training programs are among the top business incentives offered by economic development organizations. We used the C2ER State Business Incentives Database to identify 50+ state economic development programs focused on job training to meet company talent needs.

Alabama Industrial Development Training Program – The Alabama Industrial Development Training Institute, an institute of the State’s Department of Post-secondary Education, encourages economic development through job-specific training. Training services are offered in many areas and are provided at no cost to new and expanding businesses throughout the State.

Arizona Job Training Program – The Arizona Job Training Program is a job-specific reimbursable grant program that supports the design and delivery of customized training plans for employers creating new jobs or increasing the skill and wage levels of current employees.

Arkansas Business and Industry Training Program – The Business and Industry Training Program (BITP) is a flexible program designed for new and expanding business and industry. BITP helps these companies with recruiting workers, pre-employment training, on-the-job training, and train-the-trainer. The program also provides training assistance for existing businesses with new technology needs.

California Employment Training Panel – The Employment Training Panel provides financial assistance to California businesses to support customized worker training.

Colorado FIRST and Existing Industry Customized Training Programs – The Colorado FIRST and Existing Industry Customized Job Training Programs provide job-training grants to companies that are locating or expanding in Colorado.

Connecticut Manufacturing Apprenticeship Tax Credit – This tax credit is designed to encourage the development of skilled workers through apprentice training programs in order to counter the current and projected shortage of skilled craft workers in the Manufacturing Trades which exists in Connecticut.

Connecticut Manufacturing Reinvestment Account – Connecticut-based manufacturers with 50 or fewer employees may establish a Manufacturing Reinvestment Account, an interest-bearing, tax-deferred account designed to help small companies fund capital investments and workforce training.

Delaware Blue Collar Training Grant Program – Blue Collar Training Grants (BCTG) are available to help Delaware businesses provide customized training programs to upgrade and/or retrain their employees and provide financial assistance to full time employees.

FloridaFlex – FloridaFlex is a training grant program powered by CareerSource Florida to help businesses grow and compete. This one-stop shop offers a suite of available training grants, including Quick Response Training and Incumbent Worker Training, to help meet the current and future needs of businesses in a variety of industries.

Georgia Retraining Tax Credit – Part of a direct investment in training full time employees can be claimed as a tax credit. The credit is available to all Georgia businesses that file a Georgia income tax return.

Indiana Skills Enhancement Fund – The Skills Enhancement Fund (SEF) provides assistance to businesses to support training and upgrading skills of employees required to support new capital investment.

Iowa Industrial New Jobs Training Program (260E) – The Industrial New Jobs Training Program provides businesses that are expanding their Iowa workforce with new employee training. Available via Iowa’s 15 community colleges, the program is financed through bonds sold by the colleges.

Iowa Jobs Training Program (260F) – The Iowa Jobs Training Program provides job training services to current employees of eligible businesses that are located in Iowa.

Kansas Industrial Retraining Program – The Kansas Industrial Retraining program is a job retention tool that assists employees of restructuring industries who are likely to be displaced because of obsolete or inadequate job skills and knowledge. 

Kansas Industrial Training Program – The Kansas Industrial Training (KIT) program is a flexible workforce-training program designed to respond to the specific needs of new and expanding companies. The KIT program may be used to assist firms involved in both pre-employment and on-the-job training.

Kentucky Competitive Grant-in-Aid Program – Provides matching grant funds for customized business and industry-specific training programs.

Kentucky Skills Training Investment Tax Credit – The Skills Training Investment Credit Act is an economic development initiative which aids existing companies in their efforts to develop a skilled workforce. The STIC program provides tax credits to companies that sponsor occupational or skills upgrade training programs for the benefit of their employees.
Louisiana FastStart – FastStart provides customized employee recruitment, screening, trainingdevelopment and training delivery for eligible, new or expanding companies.
Louisiana Incumbent Worker Training Program – 

The Incumbent Worker Training Program (IWTP) is a partnership between the Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC), business and industry, and training providers.

Maine Quality Centers Program – The Maine Quality Centers (MQC) program provides grants for Maine businesses to fund customized new-hire and/or incumbent workforce training, delivered by one of Maine’s seven community colleges. Additionally, MQC grants can fund recruitment and screening services.

Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund (WTF) Express Program – The Express Program provides resources for companies with 100 or fewer employees training employees using off-the-shelf training.

Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund (WTF) General -General Program is for any size company training employees in job-related skills through a program designed by the company. Two General Program grants are available: Training Grant and Technical Assistance Grant.

Michigan New Jobs Training Program – The Michigan New Jobs Training Program provides financial assistance for the customized training for new employees of companies moving to or expanding in Michigan. This economic incentive allows for businesses to partner with one of the state’s 21 community colleges, to develop a training program that produces the highly-trained employees that can increase your competitive edge.

Minnesota Job Skills Partnership Program – The Job Skills Partnership provides training grants of up to $400,000 to educational institutions that partner with businesses to develop new-job trainingor retraining for existing employees.

Minnesota PIPELINE Dual Training Competency Grants – The Minnesota PIPELINE (Private Investment, Public Education, Labor and Industry Experience) Dual-Training Grant Program gives employers awards grants to train employees.

Missouri Customized Training Program – Customized Training is available for businesses to help train their workers through skill training. Skill training may take place in a classroom setting, at the business’ facility or at one of more than 80 educational facilities throughout Missouri.

Missouri Works Training – As the state’s premier company training program, Missouri Works Training helps Missouri businesses develop and finance leading-edge training to meet individual company needs. The program also provides services to connect companies with the right candidates to meet the company’s hiring needs.

Montana Primary Sector Workforce Training Grant Program – The Primary Sector Workforce Training Grant program provides an essential job training incentive for new businesses to locate in Montana and provides existing primary sector businesses with essential support to train employees in new jobs that allow the businesses to expand in Montana without leaving the state.

Nebraska Customized Job Training Program – The Customized Job Training Program provides training assistance on projects that offer an opportunity for economic development in Nebraska.

Nebraska Worker Training Program – The Worker Training Program is a business incentive program to support the retraining and upgrading of Nebraska’s current workforce. Training is central to preparing Nebraskans to excel in the workplace and in marketplace today and in the future.

Nevada Train Employees Now – The Nevada Train Employees Now Program provides short-term, skills-based intensive job training to assist new and expanding firms to reach productivity quickly.

New Hampshire Job Training Fund – This program allows companies to partner with the State of New Hampshire to train new workers or retrain longtime employees.

New Jersey Skills Partnership/Customized Training Grant – Skills Partnership grant funds are available to New Jersey employers to upgrade the skills of their current employers and/or train new employees, for purposes of retaining highly skilled and high wage jobs in New Jersey.

New Mexico Job Training Incentive Program – The program reimburses 50-75 percent of employee wages. Custom training at a New Mexico public educational institution may also be covered.

North Carolina Customized Training Program – The Customized Training Program provides education, training and support services for new, expanding and existing business and industry in North Carolina through our network of 58 community colleges, serving all 100 counties of the state.

North Carolina Incumbent Worker Training Program – Incumbent Worker Training Program provides funding for eligible companies to train existing workers. This Program is a competitive grant opportunity that provides funding to businesses for implementation of a layoff aversion strategy through training of its incumbent workers. The training results in skill attainment for employees.

North Dakota New Jobs Training Program – This program offers incentives to primary sector businesses that are creating new employment opportunities through business expansion and relocation to the state by providing no-cost funding to help offset the cost of training new employees.

Ohio Incumbent Workforce Training Voucher Program – The Ohio Incumbent Workforce Training Voucher Program is an employer-driven program designed to provide direct financial assistance to train workers and improve the economic competitiveness of Ohio’s employers.

Oklahoma Training for Industry Program – Oklahoma’s Training for Industry Program (TIP), a CareerTech initiative consistently ranked as one of the nation’s leading workforce training efforts, is a no-cost/low-cost way for new or growing companies that create jobs to get a skilled, focused and motivated workforce. Customized to meet your needs for training, assessment, supplies, instructional materials and more.

Pennsylvania Workforce and Economic Development Network –  Through the WEDnetPA program, qualified in-state businesses and out-of-state companies relocating to the economic-friendly business climate of Pennsylvania can access funding for a wide range of training (categorized as either Essential Skills (ES) or Advanced Technology (AT))

Rhode Island Incumbent Worker Training Grant Program – Funds should support skill-based training which directly improves the company’s viability, productivity, and capacity to respond to current and future business demands. New employees are eligible for training, provided that the training is skill-based and not simply an introduction to the company’s policies and procedures, or “on-boarding”

Rhode Island Job Training Tax Credit – Rhode Island law (RIGL 42-64.6) grants a credit against the corporate income tax (or the insurance premium tax) equal to 50% of eligible training expenditures for new or existing employees, in accordance with an approved training plan.

South Carolina Center for Accelerated Technology Training (CATT) – The Center for Accelerated Technology Training (CATT) and its ready SC program work together with the 16 technical colleges to prepare South Carolina’s workforce to meet the needs of companies in South Carolina.

South Carolina Enterprise Zone Retraining Credit Program – The job retraining credit is available to approved existing businesses retraining qualifying employees in order for the business to remain competitive, introduce new technologies, export products, or provide apprenticeship programs.

South Dakota Workforce Development Training Program – Through matching grants, the Workforce Development Program funds industry-education partnerships through which customized training programs and short-term, job-specific training is delivered. The Workforce Development Program supports up to one-half of the total eligible training costs.

Tennessee FastTrack Job Training Assistance Program – This incentive is available to both new and expanding industry and begins with a company developing a training plan including the number of people to be hired, types of skills required and types of training needed.

Texas Skills Development FundThe Skills Development Fund is Texas’ premier job–training program providing training dollars for Texas businesses and workers. Administered by the Texas Workforce Commission, success is achieved through collaboration among businesses, public Community and Technical colleges, Local Workforce Development Boards and economic development partners.

Utah On-the-Job Training Program – The On-the-Job Training (OJT) Program offers reimbursement to employers who provide customized job training for participants.

Vermont Training Program – The Vermont Training Program (VTP) provides comprehensive resources to prepare Vermont’s workforce for new and enhanced positions with Vermont’s diversified base of employers. This customized training program assists employers to keep workers’ skills current.

Virginia Jobs Investment Program –  VJIP is an economic development incentive providing customized recruiting and training services to companies that are creating new jobs or experiencing technological change. The program offsets recruitment and training costs.

Washington Customized Employment Training Program – The Washington Customized Employment Training Program B&O Tax Credit offers a 50% tax credit of the full cost of a training program available to all Washington employers.

West Virginia Governor’s Guaranteed Work Force Program – The Governor’s Guaranteed Work Force Program is to fund eligible worker training activities undertaken by West Virginia companies.

West Virginia Advance Program – The West Virginia Advance Program is flexible program offers customized job training awards to new and existing businesses.

Wisconsin Workforce Training Grants – The program aids businesses in workforce retention and expansion into new markets and technology. The program provides grant funds to businesses to upgrade or improve the job-related skills of a business’s Full-Time Jobs. Grant funds may be approved for eligible training provided to existing and new employees in Full-Time Jobs.

Wyoming Workforce Development Training Fund – The Workforce Development Training Fund is a unique program that helps employers provide training in their organizations.