Governors and other state leaders are working to simplify regulatory processes for new and existing businesses. A new paper prepared by Smart Incentives for the National Governors Association highlights how states are creating one-stop online hubs for business needs, with an emphasis on providing a streamlined pathway for people establishing new businesses. 

We learned that states are developing a new generation of one-stop portals for business regulatory needs and new business formation. Today’s one-stops go beyond digitizing services. They strive to meet user expectations for quality online experiences by:

  • creating effective interfaces that are designed from the customer’s perspective, not that of a government agency
  • offering clearer A-Z guidance to help businesses successfully complete transactions 
  • providing backend connections across state agencies to reduce redundant requests, and 
  • simplifying the applicant’s workflow

Many one-stop portals focus on facilitating the business formation process because it generates a high number of interactions with state government. Simplifying the process also bolsters the state commitment to assisting small businesses. One-stops that streamline common transactions for business users can also reduce costs over time and improve productivity for state government agencies.

Bottom line: One-stop portals and online hubs that provide a single point of entry for business transactions with state government are an effective way to help new and small businesses. Since businesses and residents increasingly expect states to offer the ability to complete transactions easily online, one-stop portals will continue to evolve and provide an expanded menu of services to constituents. 

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Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash