Several states completed helpful incentive program evaluations in 2023. Many are featured in the NCSL State Tax Incentive Evaluations Database.  We are pleased to highlight a few here.

California Legislative Analyst’s Office. California’s Film Tax Credit. February 2023. 

Florida Office of Economic and Demographic Research. Economic Evaluation for Select State Economic Development Incentive Programs. Includes Capital Investment Tax Credit, Qualified Target Industry, High-Impact Sector Performance Grant, Innovation Incentive Program, Enterprise Zone Program, and New Markets Development Program, and Quick Action Closing Fund. February 2023.

Kansas Legislative Post Audit Committee. Evaluating the Department of Commerce’s Major Economic Development Incentive Programs. Includes High Performance Incentive Program, Job Creation Fund, Kansas Industrial Training, Kansas Industrial Retraining, and Promoting Employment Across Kansas (PEAK). January 2023. 

Louisiana Legislative Auditor. Motion Picture Investor Tax Credit. May 2023.

Maine Office of Program Evaluation & Government Accountability. Visual Media Incentives. March 2023. 

New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. Economic Impact of State Tax Incentive Programs. December 2023.

Oklahoma Incentive Evaluation Commission. 2023 Tax Incentive Evaluation Report. Includes Economic Development Pooled Finance, Local Development and Enterprise Zone Incentive Leverage Act, Training for Industry, and Rural Economic Action Plan. December 2023. 

Pennsylvania Independent Fiscal Office. Manufacturing Tax CreditRural Jobs and Investment Tax Credit, January 2023.

Rhode Island Department of Revenue. Wavemaker Fellowship. April 2023.

Virginia Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission. Business Location and Expansion Incentives. Includes Commonwealth’s Development Opportunity Fund, Virginia Investment Partnership Grant, Virginia Economic Development Incentive Grant, Major Business Facility Job Tax Credit. September 2023.