Well, 2018 will be remembered as the year HQ2 took over the conversation around economic development and incentives. Our most popular articles this year were our recent posts on Amazon’s incentive agreements with VirginiaNew York and Tennessee, but since we just shared those, let’s look back a bit further. This article recaps our five most popular non-Amazon blog articles for 2018. Click the titles to read on.


Opportunity Zones – Driving Community Development Finance Through Equity Investments

If it wasn’t Amazon, it was Opportunity Zones. This article, prepared with our friends at the Council of Development Finance Agencies, explained how local communities with Opportunity Zones should begin the important work of identifying potential investments and attracting investors.


5 Mistakes That May Be Hurting Your Incentive Program

Managing economic development incentive programs is not easy. Here are five common mistakes we see in state and local incentive efforts across the country. We got great feedback on this one. Be sure to check out #5.


Planning for Inclusive Communities

Integrated housing, transportation and economic policies can promote inclusive development. This topic has been generating great interest among planners and economic development leaders.


Integrating Housing and Economic Development Strategies

And again: economic development interests increasingly intersect with community housing, transportation and land use priorities. Need more details? Check out our presentation with Lisa Sturtevant & Associates.


One-third of States Consider Creating Incentives for Investments in Opportunity Zones

States are assessing how other incentive programs can be combined with Opportunity Zones to maximize investor interest in distressed communities.


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