Remote work emerged as one of the leading themes for our readers this year. As in past years, everyone also remained interested in learning about ways to make their incentive programs work better. Click on the titles below to read our most popular articles in 2021.

Reflecting community priorities in economic development practices

Economic development that is equitable, inclusive, and outcome-driven for residents begins by prioritizing community engagement and clearly linking that engagement to actionable initiatives with measurable results. Our report addresses how incentives can be used to support equitable economic development and steps economic development organizations can take to better serve residents, communities, and businesses.

Incentive evaluations lead to statutory changes

Oklahoma is representative of a growing number of states committed to conducting incentive evaluations to improve program outcomes.

Community benefit agreements: An equitable tool for innovation district development

Community benefit agreements can help increase economic opportunity and equity in workforce and contracting activities, as well as develop practical strategies to address historic inequities.

Incentives among proposed reform options for economic adjustment programs

Funding and tax incentives for incumbent worker training are seen as a promising approach.

Remote work articles

States consider adjustments to business incentive programs and performance agreements to acknowledge the shift to remote work, but uncertainty about remote work’s long-term impact limits major policy actions.

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