2019 started with a slew of Amazon related stories but reader interest quickly pivoted to a desire to know what works and how incentive programs are evolving. Here are the five most popular articles for 2019. Click on the titles to read on.

Aligning state and local incentives

Lessons learned for avoiding conflict between state and local government when offering incentives. Hint: Remember you are on the same team.

Review of the Grow New Jersey incentive program

This report from the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University examined the distribution of Grow NJ incentive program awards and suggested opportunities for improvement.

Tech incentive evaluation prompts program changes

Economic development leaders were also interested in another program evaluation, this one serving high tech companies in the District of Columbia. A report from the Office of Revenue Analysis modeled a collaborative approach to program review that generated valuable economic development insights and a consensus around reforms.

Four principles to guide incentive use

Tim Bartik from the Upjohn Institute offers suggestions on how to tame business incentive use.

Researchers question automation incentives

Most states offer incentives to encourage new capital investment, but is this what manufacturers and local economies need?

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